Desert Dreams Bellydance
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About Desert Dreams Bellydance

Lidia and Laura express joy and enthusiasm, cherish play and celebration, through sharing dance.

Desert Dreams Bellydance have been performing as a duo at Middle Eastern Dance and Contemporary Dance events since 2008. Highlights in their career so far have included being finalists in the professional group category at the Belly Dance Star Awards judged by Dina; performing at the 27th Annual Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival Gala Concert “Metamorphosis”; and dancing with Shiva at the Bellydance By the Well Charity Ball.

Laura and Lidia meet together as friends, choreograph together, rehearse together, and perform and improvise together. For you this translates as a beautiful dance experience to watch or participate in.

Desert Dreams Photos

Laura Photo by Andrew Bell

Lidia Photo by Andrew Bell

Laura & Lidia Photo by Andrew Bell

Desert Dreams Videos

Isis Wings dance Desert Dreams

Lebanese Pop Desert Dreams

Majence Desert Dreams